BONK LIVE opens roads to pioneer a new and exciting interactive advertising experience

The future promises a better-connected world that is more interactive and responsive in “real-time.” The technology is here, your ROI can now be measured and tracked much more easily and quicker than ever before due to hand held devices and an explosion in digital marketing.

The youth and next generation of advertising consumers have spoken. We are ready to listen, share, and contribute; we are ready to begin this epic journey with our partners and create long term relationships; we are ready to build a new digital ecosystem that will continually feed the advertising industry and appeal to all advertisers.

BONK LIVE invites you to join us on an exciting new open highway to a more personalized and interactive advertising approach.

If you have reached this page, you have most likely spoken to a Bonk Live representative and are interested in learning more about ways we can further your brand in terms of targeted demographic reach and exposure.


Bonk live is a free live streaming app that is more than an app used for a single purpose. Bonk Live is an Advertisers Dream. In a world first, Bonk will pay everyday people to stream. Millions of users will earn money telling their friends about products they like to use. Users viewing will be able to click on those products and purchase them or get info on that item.

Users will earn “Experience Points” (XP) when they login and stream which in turn will level them up. By leveling up they can tap into the next income level stream to earn more money. BONK Live will pay users in BOINK COINS and these coins are virtual currency in REAL LIFE! They can be redeemed for REAL cash once income tiers have been reached. Bonk Live will create a whole new employment opportunity and income stream platform for millions of users that are already streaming right now for free!

We can do this by opting for lower profit margins and sharing the advertising dollar with the consumer based on activity and performance. This has never been done in this way before!


The past year was huge for streaming video on the web, and the field continues to rapidly evolve. The ways that people are watching video, the technologies and platforms involved and the video production trends are all changing.

Continuing the trend from last year, we expect 2016 to be characterized by a huge expansion of live streaming on both social media and traditional media platforms. The ease with which people can stream (evidenced by phenomenon like Periscope) has taken down almost all barriers to adoption. Even Facebook is getting into the game, ranking live video higher in user’s New Feeds than saved video content.

We expect the cutting-edge feeling and interactive nature of live streaming will continue to drive strong growth in the market as more publishers and more viewers get involved.

Internet Video Viewing Will Accelerate

The rate at which people watch videos on the Internet has continued to grow over the past decade, and we expect this trend to continue for both live streaming content and video-on-demand. At the same time, TV subscriptions have been declining significantly, giving companies like Comcast and DirecTV concerns about a declining user-base.

In the U.S. this year, major events related to the presidential election are expected to bring record viewers to various live-streamed campaign events.

Internet video is surely on the rise. The average U.S. Internet user watches around 229 videos per year. Globally, about 25% of Internet users watch an online video every day. We expect both these numbers to rise in 2016 as Internet access increases overseas and more users have access to high-speed 4G cell networks.

BONK LIVE can have your video ads inserted and playing when users are asked to click on a product by thousands of live streamers. We can offer embedding on social platforms that is also fully mobile-compatible and offers ad integration to help with monetization.

Advertising attached to online videos has the highest click-through-rate of any form of online advertising at about 1.84 percent. We expect that this trend will drive an increase in video advertising in 2016 as more businesses take advantage of video conversion rates and the ability to target customers based on subject matter. 

Online Video Ads Will Boom in 2017. In 2015, online ad revenue for videos was approximately $7.7 billion. This may rise more than 20% by the end of 2016 as additional viewers, faster bandwidth, and increases in smartphone ownership continue to drive up view counts and purchases. 

We are also seeing an increase in user engagement as more people are watching videos for longer periods of time. This will be a big factor in expanding mid-stream video advertising this year.

Our iMedia Connection writes that:

“Even simple executions such as ‘Buy It Now’ buttons, product recommendations, or store locators can quickly transform a once-passive medium into an in-the-moment e-commerce experience.”

The Asian market is leading the way and this will continue next year. Live streaming is the biggest trend on the Internet and it is nowhere near its potential. BONK LIVE has implemented sections and regions in our app where users can click and choose which countries they want to see Streaming in!

To launch a double-chocolate Oreo flavor in China, Mondelez tapped two popular singers to ham it up in a live stream. One star, Da Zhangwei, had cookies shoved into his mouth while he sang Oreo's ingredient list to the tune of a love song. Fans were asked whether the other singer, Xue Zhiqian, should eat an Oreo smothered with fermented bean curd and wasabi. They voted no; he did it anyway.

To launch a double-chocolate Oreo flavor in China, Mondelez tapped two popular singers to ham it up in a live stream. One star, Da Zhangwei, had cookies shoved into his mouth while he sang Oreo's ingredient list to the tune of a love song. Fans were asked whether the other singer, Xue Zhiqian, should eat an Oreo smothered with fermented bean curd and wasabi. They voted no; he did it anyway. 

The blend of celebrity and goofy antics hit the sweet spot: The show got 4.5 million unique live views when it aired early this month according to Dentsu's Carat, which was behind the campaign. 

Live streaming has exploded in China in the past year; in 2015, it was a $1.8 billion industry, according to Huachuang Securities, which predicted it could expand to $15.9 billion by 2020. And more advertisers are trying it. 

Marketers' efforts range from straightforward (store tours, product demonstrations) to bizarre, elaborate pieces of performance art. Condom brand Durex promised a live show with 50 couples in bed; they performed calisthenics and snacked on bananas. 

Some campaigns, like the effort from Oreo and Carat, tap directly into the mania for online shopping in China, the world's biggest e-commerce market and the biggest Internet market, with 710 million people online. Over the past three weeks, Carat says, 26 million people watched the Oreo video on live streaming. 

Live streaming is at the intersection of a few Chinese trends. "Young Chinese consume a lot of video compared to the U.S.," says R.K. Mani, managing director for international clients at Carat China. Plus, "it's live, it's interactive, it's reality content, which is very popular in China. And so it's really catching people's attention."

Bonk Live will soon be available in iOS and Android.

Boink is proudly presents BonkLive Social Apps thru to your phone.


More people are doing away with home Internet connections and making-do with their smartphones and tablet as primary Internet devices. Between 2013 and 2014, the percentage of Internet traffic that came from mobile devices increased from 40 to 60 percent.

With the falling cost and increasing speed and battery life of mobile devices, we expect this trend to continue. By the end of 2016, we expect that more than 70% of Internet traffic and a similar proportion of video viewing will be through mobile devices. 

This represents a huge (and mostly untapped) opportunity for advertisers focused on mobile video. We expect mobile ad spending to rise as much as 40% this year compared to 2015.

 Perhaps the world’s most significant pioneer of social media, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that live streaming is the future with more live streams on social media.

Live streaming embedded in social media platforms is a relatively new phenomenon, but this technology is finding more and more support. Better implementation of video protocols, better compression, and faster Internet speeds are all making streaming on social media more common. For these reasons, we expect to see more live streaming taking place on social media in 2016. 


At the last CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, one takeaway was that video streaming is going to explode in 2017. 

Like most video content on the web, live streaming is moving towards and split market. On the high end, big budgets and production teams will continue to produce top-tier content that’s hard to compete with — but fantastic for the viewer.

On the lower end, small-scale producers with limited budgets now have access to broadcast-quality equipment, and are producing better content than ever before. Small-scale live streamers also have the advantage of finding a niche market and focusing their efforts. 

We expected major changes in the live video streaming trends this year as the full-scale adoption of these technologies continued.

At the same time that enterprises are doubling down on streaming, small organizations also have the chance to make their mark in a crowded field; they have content that no one else can produce and a level of brand trust that can’t be beat.

All signs point to online video and especially live streaming being a winning media platform for the future. 

Click here for live internet stats:


In Short, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era of Internet of Things (IoT; also known as Internet of Objects). Generally speaking, IoT refers to the networked interconnection of everyday objects, which are often equipped with ubiquitous intelligence. IoT will increase the ubiquity of the Internet by integrating every object for interaction via embedded systems, which leads to a highly distributed network of devices communicating with human beings as well as other devices. 

Thanks to rapid advances in underlying technologies, IoT is opening tremendous opportunities for a large number of novel applications that promise to improve the quality of our lives by connecting people and products via interactive education in a fun environment. In recent years, IoT has gained much attention from advertisers, researchers and practitioners from around the world. 

It is now going to get even crazier as streamers are generally ordinary people, telling stories or singing or showing scenes from their lives; attractive young women abound, dancing or acting coquettish which is fuelling the trend.

Advertising on these platforms is trending incrementally, and the industry will be monetized mostly with virtual gifts from viewers to online hosts. Using mobile payments or BOINK COINS, people on our app can send virtual flowers, even virtual supercars to their favorite hosts. That gets transformed into real money, and our platform will take a cut while advertisers break sales and marketing records.

The exchange of money is driving interest. But there are also social factors behind why live streaming really caught on. Research tells us that a huge population of migrant workers living far from home are searching for interaction and connections online, as are young people stressed with the pressures of current day life who are looking for avenues to find laughter, friends, ideas and trends to make their lives more enjoyable.

At BONK LIVE we believe that Live Streaming is a new and very important form of human connection. How could you not want to get involved and miss out RIGHT NOW?


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